Are online games useful?

       Looking at the title, you immediately want to say or even fall out a categorical “no.” But, please, do not make hasty conclusions. Let’s try to put everything in its place.
      Imagine that your son is a schoolboy who just finished the ninth grade. He passed the exams successfully, and now the doors of summer have opened before him, which is always full of adventures. But that’s bad luck. A friend brings him a box with an online game, and he starts to sit out for days on his home shorts in front of the computer. Day after day, he does not get out of the world “web”, and all because of what? Just wanted to go one more level or enhance the skills of your virtual hero.
      After reading this paragraph, you are already ready to say that if people start playing online games, then they can put a cross on their lives for a while, but no. I would like to tell you about the benefits that online games bring to your child when playing.
      Firstly, when your child begins to immerse himself in the virtual world, he does not just press the keys, but thinks through all his moves, and logically tries to accomplish this or that task, as correctly and as accurately as possible.
      Secondly, in every online game there is a kind of chat room where your child can communicate with people. It’s better than talking with yourself.
      Third, the online game is another world, a fantasy world, which, in turn, instills in many children a love of reading. After all, after playing, they want to read those books where it is written about elves or dragons, where black magicians are fighting with whites, where spells can lie in wait for the reader at every turn.
     Finally, there is the last but no least. In the city, whole clans are formed (groups of players or teams that play the same game – author’s note), which discuss novelties in the computer world, online games or just communicate, but not virtually, but really. Why is it bad when a child can find like-minded people or friends using an online game?


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