Papa’s Games are a collection of games for fun.

Papa’s Games are a collection of games to enjoy online. Folks who enjoy cooking simulations will find these games absolutely addictive. All the games are designed by Flipline Studios. The games require no downloading because they are all online and use Adobe Flash. In addition to the time management games such as Papa’s Freezeria, Papa’s Taco Mia, Papa’s Pizzeria and several other cooking simulations, there are three hilarious side scrolling platform games that feature Papa Louie, a chef with a comic mustache who battles pizzas, burgers and sundaes that attack.

Appropriate for all ages, the site does not bog the player down with ads. The animation style is simple and adorable. Each character has a long torso, large heads, and big round feet and hands.

The games utilize bright colors and catchy music. There are a total of 16 games. All but three feature time management in a restaurant setting. Many allow the player to customize their characters, and players are allowed up to three saves per game. Papa’s Games are available online here – Papa’s Games, as android apps, iPhone apps, and for the Amazon Kindle.

Papa Louie is the character that all the Papa’s Games are based on. Each game starts with a intro that explains why Papa Louie leaves the player in charge. Each game provides a tutorial so that players can get acquainted with the mechanics of the game. In most of the games, the player takes orders from customers, prepares their order at series of stations before giving the completed order to the customer who then leaves a tip and rates the overall product and service. Happy customers leave tips. As you play, the games get progressively more difficult. More customers arrive with increasingly difficult orders. Some especially difficult customers are called closers. These customers rate the finished product very harshly and rarely tip. The games do not become frustrating when hard.

The three platform games use keyboard controls whereas the others use the mouse. The games are also easily learned. Combating rogue pizza toppings, sundae sprinkles and burgers has never been more enjoyable.

Flipline Studios has produced quality games since they began making Flash games in 2006. These games are free to play and do not require in game purchases. Time management cooking games remain some of the most popular kinds of games for casual gamers. Players can play as long as they wish. The ability to save games ensures that progress does not get lost.

For people looking for a fun way to spend some time online, Papa’s Games are fantastic! One could easily wile away hours at a time making tacos, ice cream sundaes, stacks of pancakes, hot dogs, pizzas and burgers. The better you manage your time, the better rating you receive. As you progress, you can unlock new customers, toppings, and increase your virtual earnings. These games are fun, easy, free and accessible. For anyone looking for a faster paced, more frantic gaming experience, the platform games can’t be beat.


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