Flash games

What is flash games and why are they called like that?

      In literal translation, the word Flash means flash. Well and further there are already various word forms, synonyms and parts of speech, depending on the construction of the sentence.
      So why are flash games called that way? In general, this word has long become a kind of computer concept. Flash memory, flash animation, flash application … and so on. If we translate into Russian, then we get this: a flash of memory, a flashing animation, a flashed application. It sounds strange, does not it? Let’s try to understand how the words flash and flash game are related.
      What is a flash? By omitting the portable meanings of this word (for example, an outbreak of an epidemic), it means a quick and short manifestation of light, requiring at least some insignificant light source. If you draw an analogy, then all these words very accurately describe the essence of flash games! Let’s start in order.
      1. Fast. For flash games, you do not need to spend any additional effort in terms of installation and configuration, as required by serious gaming applications purchased on discs, or downloaded with various resources. It’s enough to have a plug-in in the browser that supports this technology. Currently, the word browser and flash plug-in does not need something to remember, but you can even not even know what it is. Everything happens so automatically that the user does not even think about it.
     2. Short. All flash games are really short in terms of passing. Again, in comparison with large applications. This is due, first of all, to the small size of the flash file. And secondly, the fact that a man who wants to find his beloved time, but wants simply to pass an hour or two behind his favorite business – a computer game.
     3. Well, the last is a minor source of light. This can be attributed to the simplicity of the file itself, with the help of which the visual component of the flash game is realized. You do not need to have super iron in the system, laptop or candy bar. Flash applications are not so demanding, that even an “ancient” computer is enough to run a flash game.
     Of course, you can pick up a lot of other words with which you can declare the meaning of the word flash, applicable to games. But historically it happened that way.